Seabourn Odyssey: Bliss at Sea

To call this blog about the Seabourn Odyssey Bliss at Sea is an understatement as far as titles go. It’s Day 4 of our 12-day “Caribbean Tapestry” cruise and Ken and I are loving every minute, every meal, every experience, and every bit of the uber-indulgent service.

We started this day the same as every day, inhaling the fresh ocean air as we stood on our balcony to see the sun rise. This morning seemed different, though. Magical, if you’ll pardon the cliché. Perhaps my vivid imagination was at play, not surprising after so many days of Champagne and sunshine. As we watched the golden orb rise, its firey hues illuminating clouds on the horizon, I was certain that, among the fluffy formations I saw a distant hill crowned with a city, its towers and edifices outlined in gold.

For a fleeting moment I wondered, “Could this be Utopia?’

“Such visions are the stuff of fairy tales,” Ken laughed, as we stepped inside our suite to prepare for the next port of call and yet another blissful day.

“Ah, but by now we both know one thing for certain,” I said, “No imagination is needed to see – and feel – that the Seabourn Odyssey itself is Utopia at sea.”

To start at the beginning, our cruise started last Saturday when we saw the gleaming white Odyssey berthed outside the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Terminal. We’d arrived way before the noted embarkation time, expecting to encounter the typical, wearying cruise terminal procedure. Instead, we were greeted with a swift check-in, ushered into the ship’s Grand Salon for Champagne and sandwiches, and invited to explore the ship until our suite would be ready.


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